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Office Cleaning Department offers your business regular restroom cleaning services to make sure your employees and customers have a clean space to use.  Understanding the importance of clean and sanitized restrooms is one way we help your company to reduce the spread of germs and sicknesses thus helping to reduces missed work time from your employees.  Nobody likes a dirty restroom, and nobody likes to be sick.  We strive to take care of both of those!

MovE In/out cleaning services

Entrance mats and entrance rugs help reduce slips and falls. Our broad selection of floor mats, entrance mats, door mats, and door rugs will ensure your floors remain safe and dry. We are pleased to offer you the most extensive selection of commercial matting options including waterhog mats, rubber mats, vinyl mats, carpet mats, outdoor mats, and indoor mats. Utilize any of our entrance mats in locations needing protection against slips and falls, lower maintenance costs, and added decor.

Office Cleaning Department offers General Maintenance Cleaning for your business at an interval that works best for your business needs.  Rather if it is on a daily basis, or you don't need it cleaned that often is up to you.  We work with you based on your individual business needs and schedule the General Maintenance Cleanings accordingly.  Even if it's just one time per week, or bi-weekly, we are happy to assist.

It is an overwhelming task to move.  You have to many things to worry about other than have the inside of the cabinets, drawers, over and refrigerator cleaned?  We take the worry and stress off your hands and place it on our work load instead.  We are always here to help rather if you are moving in, moving out, even if it is for a turn-key service (new construction), property management or real estate business.  Office Cleaning Department offers a final walk through with you to ensure total satisfaction.

Office Cleaning Department uses a mild, safe, non-toxic solution that is safe for the environment. Your windows are cleaned safely through the proper use of ladders and the occasional use of water-fed poles using streak free pure water. From residential window cleaning to commercial window cleaning, we would love the opportunity to clean your glass!

Office Cleaning Department offers your company the benefits of Deep Cleaning Services that aren't normally performed on a regular basis.  These services can be time consuming to perform, but aren't necessarily needed more than once per month, quarter, bi-annually or annually.  However often you feel that you need these services we would be happy to assist your business needs.

Office Cleaning Department offers several different products to keep your restrooms stocked with quality affordable products.  If your company chooses the greener approach, we also offer recycled and eco-friendly products to help your company make a smaller impact on our environmental impact.

Window Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Department offers our customers a variety of services to meet their needs.  Ensuring that our customers work environment is clean is not only important to the health of their customers and employees, but it is important to us as well.  We strive to offer janitorial and cleaning services that can be obtained on a regular basis, General Maintenance Cleaning, or at random intervals as needed, included Deep Cleaning Services.  Regardless of which interval you need Office Cleaning Department to provide services, rest assured that we are the right choice for your cleaning and janitorial needs.

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