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Office Cleaning Department offers several different products to keep your restrooms stocked with quality affordable products.  If your company chooses the greener approach, we also offer recycled and eco-friendly products to help your company make a smaller impact on our environmental impact.

Restroom Deodorizing

Disinfect all restroom fixtures with green cleaning products, unless facility chooses otherwise. Clean and disinfect all floors, toilets and sinks. Furnish restroom supplies if requested.

Office Cleaning Department offers your business regular restroom cleaning services to make sure your employees and customers have a clean space to use.  Understanding the importance of clean and sanitized restrooms is one way we help your company to reduce the spread of germs and sicknesses thus helping to reduces missed work time from your employees.  Nobody likes a dirty restroom, and nobody likes to be sick.  We strive to take care of both of those!

Restroom Cleaning

Placement of air diffuser, urinal cakes/shields, toilet clips/hangers and/or hang tags to deodorize the restrooms.

Restroom Floor Mat DeodorizErs

Restroom Supplies

Disposable floor mats will make restroom maintenance easier and faster. By positioning them under urinals and toilets, any unwanted splashes or drips will be absorbed and the odors they cause neutralized. The need for mopping and cleaning the floors around restroom fixtures is virtually eliminated! Also protects against floor surface stains, discoloration and uric acid damage. Available in 2 different shapes to accomodate most fixtures, providing a safer, drier floor surface. Each mat has a special bottom surface that prevents slipping or movement. Impregnated with a powerful deodorant to combat urine odors. When a mat has reached its saturation level, simply throw it away.