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Polishing of Desks and other Wood Products

Shades, blinds and window dressings shall be dusted, wiped clean, and/or vacuum dusted as appropriate for that particular type of window treatment.

Trim and Baseboard Cleaning

All wood materials will be cleaned of any dirt and debris and then oiled and polished. Note: after treatment a residue may still be present depending on the absorbency of the wood treated.

De-Scale Toilet Bowls and Urinals

Clean Glass Surfaces

All trim around doors, windows, entranceways as well as baseboards shall be cleaned of any dirt and debris.

Dusting Irregular Objects

Toilet bowls and urinals shall be descaled in order to remove any accumulated hard deposits. The entire surface shall be free from streaks, stains, scale, scum, urine deposits, mineral deposits and rust stains.

Office Cleaning Department offers your company the benefits of Deep Cleaning Services that aren't normally performed on a regular basis.  These services can be time consuming to perform, but aren't necessarily needed more than once per month, quarter, bi-annually or annually.  However often you feel that you need these services we would be happy to assist your business needs.

Dust all surfaces such as blinds, to include mini blinds, baseboards, woodwork, HVAC vents and grilles, light fixture lens, and office furnishings such as appliances.

All interior and exterior window surfaces (weather permitting 38 degrees or above) must be cleaned inside and out with an appropriate cleaner leaving no streaks, working around window stenciled signage that may be present.

Dirty trash containers shall be washed inside and out and shall be odor free.

Our list of services include:

  • Clean trim & baseboard
  • Dusting of cobwebs, ceiling fans, light fixtures
  • Cleaning of HVAC Grilles & Grates
  • Cleaning of blinds & window dressings
  • ​Cleaning of trash recptacles
  • Descale toilet bowls and urinals 
  • ​Polishing of wood surfaces including trim, books shelves & desks

Add on items:

  • Break room cabinet fronts cleaning
  • Table and chair washing (non upholstered surfaces)
  • Appliance interior such as microwaves

Customizable Service:

We can customize to add or remove any of the services and more. 

Customer Guideline Requirements

Our services begin with a deep cleaning service to provide us with an easier maintenance cleaning standard to maintain.  If you want to schedule us we request 7 key preparation steps for success:

  • ​Guaranteed access with 2 keys or scan cards and/or personalized security access code(s)
  • ​An agreed upon date and end time for recurring general maintenance cleanings
  • ​Cash, check or credit card payment on the day specified by invoice date
  • ​That we are the only people on site during the scheduled job time if possible
  • The water and electricity are turned on for the cleaning crews at all times
  • ​Please double check that all personal items are removed from areas expected to clean as your crew will not be allowed to clean under items if they are not removed, this includes papers, pictures, awards, etc.
  • All monies, private information and documents will be put away securely prior to cleanings.  This is to protect both the vendor for potential liabilities and customers alike.

Shades, Blinds & Window Dressings

Wash Trash Receptacles